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Family History

Introduction to Family History

Students will gain an understanding of researching family background and preparing a family tree using a range of specialised web sites.  Students will be able to search for information about members of their family on a range of websites such as Ancestry.co.uk.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to introduce the fundamentals of Family History Research for people with limited experience of the subject, or the use of the Internet, to find important family history records.

You will learn:

A workbook is provided containing exercises to give hands-on experience and general information. This is yours to keep.

Course Structure

Five weeks x 2 hours

The course is set up as 8 modules, two of which will be taught each week. There is a fifth week allowed to catch up and cover any other topics that students particularly want.

Module 1 Introduction & Getting started on the Internet

Module 2 Researching online

Module 3 Census records part 1

Module 4 Births Marriages Deaths

Module 5 Parish Records & Monumental Inscriptions

Module 6 People and Places

Module 7 Census part 2

Module 8 Wills, archives & other useful sites

An introduction to DNA testing is available.


Learners should have been on a starter course listed below, or be confident with the Internet and be able to use Microsoft Windows, an Apple iPad or Android tablet, to find and save information.

Starting off with Apple iPads

Starting off with Android Tablets

Starting off with Windows