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Starting off with Apple iPads

This course is for total beginners, showing you how to use the Internet and email with your Apple iPad or iPhone. The basics of Apple iPad functionality will also be covered.

Course Objectives

To introduce students to the practicalities of the Internet, as well as how to send and receive email messages. Our aim is to build confidence in using both the Internet and email for those students who have minimal experience with these topics. We will cover some of the Apple iPad's basic functionality.

A workbook is provided containing exercises to give hands-on experience and general information. This is yours to keep.

Course Structure

Four weeks x2 hours

The topics below are flexible and will be adapted to best suit students' needs. Course topics covered will include:

Week 1   Finding your way around the iPad

Week 2   Using a search engine

Week 3   Creating contacts in your iPad's address book

Week 4   Security advice when using the Internet

Starting off with Apple iPads


Please bring your Apple iPad or iPhone along with you.  No particular level of experience is expected.

Next Course

For those wanting a more comprehensive overview of the Apple iPad's capabilities, we also offer the Getting More from Apple iPads course which will give you confidence in how to get the best out of it.