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Stay Safe Online & on Your Phone

Essential in today's world, use these tips to keep yourself and your loved ones protected.


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Get Safe Online, www.getsafeonline.org, is the UK’s leading source of unbiased, easy to understand information on online safety.  Get advice on protecting yourself and your devices, against fraud, identity theft and many other problems.

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Email basics

Learn how to use common email features and practice proper etiquette.


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Get an introduction to Gmail and learn how to manage, send, and respond to messages.


Smartphones & Tablets

How do you know whether you have an Apple iPad/iPhone or and Android Tablet/Smart Phone? If your device has a silhouette of an apple on the back it is an Apple device.

Get to know your device better so you can do more with the smartphones and tablets you use every day. Set up and maintain your device, understand app permissions, learn hidden features, and more. This link takes you to other tutorials.


iPad Basics

Learn the basics of operating and getting the most out of the popular Apple iPad tablet.


iPhone Basics

Learn the basics of operating and getting the most out of the popular Apple iPhone.


Android Basics

Get started with your device, manage your privacy and settings, add and delete contacts, and keep it running smoothly.


macOS / OS X Basics

Whether you're using Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, or another version of OS X, you can still learn quite a bit from this free tutorial.


This tutorial is no longer updated and may be out of date. We recommend using the current version, macOS Basics.


Online Courses

Do you want to learn more about how you can do things with your various devices? Here is some help to get you started, then you can call us if you need assistance.

Introductory courses

Learn My Way provide courses on many subjects.


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Computer Basics

If you're new to computers, we are here to help. https://www.learnmyway.com/subjects/using-your-computer-or-device

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Windows Basics

Learn how to navigate, find and send files, use shortcuts, and do more in Windows.


Windows 10

Learn how to use this Microsoft operating system so you can customize it, find files and folders, and do more.



You can do a lot with a Google account, from using Google Drive to create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, to using Google Maps to learn your way around.


Google Classroom

Learn how to use Google Classroom to share assignments, create quizzes, communicate with students, and more.


Online Help, Advice and Courses

Computer Friendly want to continue helping you, even though we can’t meet you face to face at present.

On this page we have collected some courses to help you get the best out of your device.

During this time of isolation it’s important to stay in touch with family and friends: please go to our page, Staying in Touch, for help on doing so online.