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Hints & Tips

Hints and tips

Here are useful Guides and Information to help you with computers, tablets and the Internet.

Stay Safe online

If you aren’t sure how to protect yourself from the latest scams and fraud on the Internet and telephone, then you need our Guide to Staying Safe on-line.

Go to our Stay Safe Online webpage

Please download our
Telephone and Internet Scams leaflet.

Hoax Emails

What to do if you receive an email warning about a dreadful virus?  It is more than likely that the message is a hoax, so please check before sending it on to your friends and contacts and spreading unnecessary alarm.

Our leaflet Hoax email gives you several websites where you can check whether a message is a hoax, and tells you how to spot a hoax.

Click here to download it:

Private Online searches

If you are concerned about the government, or others, spying on you, you may want to know how you can keep your Internet searches private.

Fortunately there are Internet search engines that you can trust: our leaflet How to keep your Internet searches private will help you find out about them

Click here to download it:

Buying a new computer?

Buying a new computer or tablet for yourself or someone you know? Not sure what sort to buy?

Click here to download our handy Buying Guide:

What is this ‘Online’ and ‘Internet’?

‘The Internet’, and ‘The Web’, is a huge network connecting lots of computers together around the world so that you and I can talk or pass messages when we are miles apart: ‘Being Online’ is when you use it.

Click this image to download our handy leaflet.

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